A marathon, you’ll run 26.2 miles and afterward your body will feel tired, achy and if you’re lucky, numb. If you’re wanting to give back to your body for providing you with the strength and stamina to make it through all 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon, it’s time for you to schedule a massage with our team here in Woburn. Here’s how a massage can help you after you run 26.2 miles down the streets of Boston.


After running, especially a long distance, delayed onset muscle soreness will begin to kick in. Plus, there’s nothing like running the distance of a marathon. As a marathon runner, you can expect to feel sore immediately to 24-48 hours after you cross the finish line. Massage has been one of the leading methods to reduce pain after not only a marathon, but a grueling workout.


Your body wasn’t meant to run 26.2 miles all at once. We’re not cheetahs, and we certainly shouldn’t force our bodies to do something it isn’t meant to do; with that being said, if you do complete a marathon and have been training for the event for months now, it’s vital to your mental and physical well-being that you schedule a massage after your run. Why? Running a marathon is traumatic for the human body. Swelling and inflammation of the muscle and joints are huge and through forceful, yet relaxing, circulation, it can really help to flush out built up metabolic waste from your body.


If you’ve even run a marathon before,  you already know that you can expect to be extremely sore the following week. After a marathon, you’re likely doing very little physical activity and instead, want to sit on the couch and relax. Just remember: Motion is the lotion. Stretching is a great way to relieve built up tension and muscle soreness. Instead of doing it yourself, though, you can schedule a massage and have a massage therapist stretch your muscles for you.


Getting a massage post marathon can help to heal soft tissues in your body. A massage can help to heal minor strains and micro-tearing in soft tissues, such as your muscles. Plus, if you’d like to heal your body via the natural route, massage is the perfect option for you.

Massage is a great way to heal your body after a grueling workout. Join our massage therapists in Woburn today to schedule your massage. We offer great prices with experienced professionals. Call us today or schedule your massage online now. We suggest you reach out to us sooner than later to make sure your massage appointment is scheduled for the week after the marathon. Remember, there are 30,000 participants running the Boston Marathon. Book your appointment and be ready to relax!