We know what it takes to build muscle and the training process that most athletes go through. We also know that it can be difficult to find a massage therapist that can go deep enough or fit their hand around those bulging biceps you work so hard to build. Ashiatsu Massage is a deep tissue massage performed while the therapist uses gravity and their clean, bare feet to stretch your muscles and aid in quick recovery from your latest athletic performance.
Ashiatsu massage is great for athletes and bodybuilders. Because of the incredibly deep and broad pressure, Ashiatsu massage moves a lot of blood to your muscle tissues. This process assists in recovery from a long-distance run or any form of intense workout.
Ashiatsu also can free up bundled nerves and elongates your muscles.
One of the main reasons Ashiatsu is an ideal modality for athletes of all levels is that it speeds up your recovery time from a an intense workout or event. This happens because of the amount of blood flow the Ashiatsu Therapist gets moving during each session.
The Ashiatsu Therapist is able to deliver up to 3 times deeper pressure compared to traditional, hands-on massage. However, the amount of pressure does not mean that it causes pain. In fact, I would say just the opposite; because Ashiatsu Therapists are using their feet to massage your tissue, the broad strokes do not feel pokey or painful at all. This is incredibly beneficial to all athletes who tend to have very sensitive muscles, but still need deep work to unstick bound-up tissue. Super deep work, no pain.
The foot contours perfectly to your body and your super huge muscles. An “Ashi” therapist can literally work all of your quad muscles in one stroke because of the shape and size of their foot. Athletes of all shapes and sizes will benefit tremendously from this technique.
Ashiatsu Therapists can work around most injuries (but be sure to tell us about them first!). We have been highly trained to use our feet the same way we use our hands in traditional massage. For athletes, this is particularly important and can help speed up your injury recovery time as well.
Ok what if you aren’t an athlete? You can still benefit from this service. Even for those of us who aren’t in the gym heavily weight lifting, you can still enjoy the relaxation that “Ashi” provides. It feels like a regular massage, except deeper. We use lotion, you are undressed and draped with a sheet and blanket throughout the session, the strokes feel long and relaxing. It is truly the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet.
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