What is Magical Myofascial Release? A Myofascial Session with unique intuitive insights and messages channeled directly from the restrictions in your own body.
This is Nicole Russo, founder of Skin to Soul and Master Myofascial Therapist. I wanted to share with you a new offering that I would like to give to my clients. It is time I name it something different, because a bodywork session with me is a bit different than a typical Myofascial Release Session. I am calling it a Magical Myofascial Release Session because it will allow us BOTH to explore deeper and more profound levels of energetic healing along with the principles of a Myofascial Session. The difference here, is that I actually share with you in an open hearted and kind way, what I see and feel, rather than waiting for you to see it on your own, in order to short cut your awareness levels and bring you to a deeper level of healing and learning than you might otherwise have received.
You’ve heard the phrase: “Listen to your Heart” before.
You’ve probably also heard the phrase “Listen to your Body”. You’ve especially heard this if you’ve had any Myofascial Release sessions, or taken a yoga class, or delved into meditation or any type of awareness class.
Sometimes though, it’s really hard to listen to your heart and your body. You miss the messages. You can’t see the forest for the trees.
Sitting within your own body, even with years of awareness training or being on your own self care journey, it can sometimes take a REALLY long time to unravel the old belief systems, energy patterns, and pains that your body has created through eons of living this life, our ancestors lives, and even past lives. When you’re sitting inside your own forest, all you can see, is trees. You can’t see the shape and entirety of your forest. You can’t tell how deep the beliefs lie. You may even be carrying old energy that doesn’t even belong to you, but belongs to someone else in your life, put on you at a time when you were vulnerable, unaware, or you felt like in order to “help them”, it was also your burden to bear.
Sometimes you might not even be at that stage but you know, deep down, something is off and you just can’t find it on your own.
What if I told you, that I can help? I can be the one that sees the forest and can lead you out in a quicker fashion than you thought possible?
After practicing John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach for over 10 years now, helping instruct at his seminars, learning multiple shamanic practices for healing in Peru and the United States, and studying with Energy Healers all over the world, as well as the act of marrying myself and following the path of divine self love, I have become so in tune to my client’s restrictions that the most amazing things have started to happen. I used to keep quiet about it, for fear that people with a more science based approach would label me a “quack”, or a “witch” (The archaic witch wound runs deep for many healers). Once 2020 hit and I was forced into more quiet contemplation, my clarity and the messages I heard from my own soul became louder and more insistent that I share my knowledge with the world to help others, to short cut their learning and lead them straight to the realizations that they need to make for themselves to be free and to live their best lives.
In the past few months, I’ve recognized a huge shift working with my clients. What do I see, when I work on someone? Here is what can happen when we come upon a fascial restriction in their body. I start to work, slowly. Sinking into their restrictions, or the areas of their body that “lit up” to me, when they talked about their goals for the session. As I sink in and explore the physical and energetics of their body, my hands will come upon a place that feels “different”. Perhaps its harder. hotter. tighter. Sometimes, it feels “cold”….sometimes, it feels deafeningly “quiet”. And I know what lies there, is the truth of their suffering. Then, these awarenesses start to pop up for me, in the following ways:
1. I actually hear, in my mind’s “ear” messages that they need to hear. When I try to shoosh it away, they simply become louder, with a quiet, solid strength and persistence, that I can’t ignore them. I ask my clients if they would like to hear the message. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME, they say yes, and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME, that message hits them in the most profound way for their own healing.
2. I notice that the area feels almost like they have given their power away in this area. That they don’t “own” this area of their body anymore. So we talk about bringing our awareness back into that area, into loving that area again, or taking our power back into that area.
3. Sometimes, when the area gets so quiet, the truth of the suffering is revealed. I can see what they believe, that isn’t true. And many times, I can see if it was another person or a certain situation that led them to this lie about themselves. Again, if I try to ignore this truth, it simply becomes louder and more solidly insistent. I share. And that person knows exactly what I’m talking about.
4. Sometimes, I just get colors, certain images, smells. These are also very helpful for the client.
5. I can see if the energy we are sitting in, in that spot on their body, actually belongs to them or not. This can be really hard to see as a client, if you’ve been living with it inside you this whole time, for years, perhaps even energy passed down through generations. Once I ask them if it feels like it belongs to them, they can then make the decision if it does, and if they would like it to stay there, or not stay there. And we can help to release it or empower it.
6. Sometimes it is just a physical tightness that our brain has been wired to “hold on” to, due to a past injury or physical trauma to our body. In this case, I can sometimes see that trauma, or just know that we need to talk to our brain and remind it that the body is safe again and that it can let go of the tiny micro bracing patterns it created over time to survive and is now causing so much pain.
I’ve held back a bit on offering these additional insights within a Myofascial Release Session, out of a respect for the name and respect for the approach and respect for staying within the bounds of what a Myofascial Release session offers. Now it is time, to offer Magical Myofascial Release because my clients are receiving profound short cuts to their healing and their personal growth and insights from my messages, and I would like to help others with this wonderful option, too. Magical Myofascial Release works through this combination of working on Fascial Restrictions as well as getting the messages that their body is trying to tell them through my own channel of intuition and energetic training.
Here is what one of my client’s has said about my new level of working:
As a long time client, 10+ years, one can easily grow accustomed to the top notch service providers give. I do my best to remain attentive and appreciative. Yesterday I had the most powerful Myofascial sessions of my life with Nicole. She is a skilled guide who is able to tap into the body’s intuitive knowing. Each session peels away another layer of the onion. Her ability to ‘see’ to ‘feel’ and to intuit what is wanted by my body is amazing. It still boggles my mind that such gentle touch can evoke such powerful releases. Yesterday, I made a quantum leap! If you are a myofascial devotee you know that of which I speak. If you are unfamiliar and wanting to experience something that is bound to rock your world, give Skin to Soul a try. Just remember the onion metaphor and know that the work prospers when there is a committed engagement by both practitioner and client. In all likelihood, it will take a little time before you begin to notice the embodiment of this subtle yet profound work. It’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself….one that keeps on giving long after each session ends. -Tony P.
If you’re interested in trying a Magical Myofascial Release Session, please feel free to book online by visiting our website www.skintosoul.com
If you already have sessions set up with me but would like the “Magical” Approach, please feel free to let me know when we start. 🙂
I look forward to working with you and helping you shortcut to your freedom in living your best life!
Nicole Russo