Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be developed by anyone who’s lived through a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. We see a lot of our military experience PTSD after returning home from war. Victims of abuse and other trauma victims can also experience this as well. Often times, people who experience PTSD will still feel stressed even when not in danger.

Globally, we are all still living in this ongoing pandemic, Covid-19 which has probably caused PTSD for many people. Anyone who’s experienced covid, lost loved ones, first responders and so much more have experienced a high level of stress which can bring on a variety of issues.

The Psychiatric Times explains that even those who’ve experienced emotional burdens, such as social isolation, unemployment and economic losses, working from home while caring for children and other family members have also caused excessive stress. The general population is dealing with anxiety, depression and other symptoms.

Let us not forget the healthcare workers who have experienced lack of protective gear, exposure to the virus, burnout from long hours, and much more. In an article published on Scientific American, they talk about the effects of the pandemic on our health care workers. A psychiatrist from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Luis, Jessica Gold, believes that heath care workers could develop a high rate of anxiety, depression, substance abuse use issues, acute stress and, post traumatic stress as a result of what they’ve been experiencing on the pandemic front lines.

But how can massage therapy help with PTSD?

Massage can help decrease anxiety, reduce stress and depression as well as improve your mood aside from helping your physical body feel better. in a 2012 study focused on reintegration among veterans, by William Collinge, MPH, PhD, Janet Kahn, PhD, LMT, and Robert Soltysik, MS, found that those who received massage therapy reported a significant reduction in physical pain, tension, irritability, anxiety and depression.

There is also Myofascial Release and Myofascial Unwinding which will help release the fascial restrictions in the body from trauma. When your therapist holds and unwinds these tissue tensions, memories begin to surface and release, causing the body to “replay” body movements associated with the memory of the trauma. Our therapists are able to safely assist you with these fascial restrictions so you can begin your healing process.

We have a team of skilled therapists who provide a thorough consultation and keep the lines of communication open so that each guest can feel comfortable with their individual needs during a session. They will also provide any homecare tips to help you continue to feel better even when not in session.

Here is what one of our recent guests had to share about her experience:

I decided to try Myofacial Release a few Months ago. I have experienced some extensive trauma as a child, and heard that it can help move the energy from the body. Initially I thought hmmm this isn’t really a “massage” and thought it was a bit strange that my clinician Kyoungho was just “holding” my body. A few minutes passed and my face was wet, the tears were rolling down my face and I hadn’t noticed. This is such a gentle, nurturing process. I went through several treatments per week, and had such amazing results I joined the membership and have made it part of my self care. – Tracy C

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