Meet Amanda Holmes



Amanda Ellen Finn Holmes, Physical Therapist and Master of Science,
Certified Continence and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist Physical Therapist

Amanda has been practicing as a physical therapist for approximately 18 years between and among Massachusetts, Illinois, and the United Kingdom. She started evaluating and treating patients who suffered from pelvic floor muscle dysfunction right away, during her Advanced Practicum of her Master’s Program, in 2000-2001. Amanda has always been mentored by many great physical therapists and she will always be very fortunate for that. Including in her great mentorship, are licensed massage and myofascial therapists of Skin to Soul, who treated her identical twin sons as well as many of her patients. That is why Amanda is so excited to start caring for patients at Skin to Soul in Woburn, MA.

Right from Amanda’s first appointment with Skin to Soul therapists, she knew that she, her patients, and her twin sons were in the right best place, to treat and improve their symptoms of dysfunction, pain, motility, and mobility impairments.

Amanda brings highly skilled manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, biofeedback, electrical stimulation, and other therapeutic modalities to her evaluation and treatment of patients who suffer and struggle with pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence, constipation, urgency, as well as urogenital prolapse.