Meet Amber B, Professional Level LMT



Amber graduated from the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in January of 2022. Her style is a flowy therapeutic, where she can easily switch between deep tissue or relaxation. She enjoys working with people who have day to day stress and anxiety, along with their tension buildup. As a single mom, she knows how stressful and hectic life can get and wants to help others focus on their health and wellbeing. She understands how hard it is to prioritize time for yourself and wants to help others take that time. Before becoming a massage therapist, she worked as a Direct Support Professional for individuals with intellectual and mental disabilities and in various customer service positions. 

Amber’s perusal of massage therapy was originally an impromptu decision. She was speaking to a good friend about looking for a new path and career where they could feel more fulfilled, while still making enough to support their families. It was important to Amber to find a career where she had balance. Massage therapy had come up several times for her in the past, and she had even toured schools. Having friends who already were massage therapists, it was something she knew to consider. Life, however, got in the way at those times and the idea had been put on the back burner. So it was only natural that it came up again. When Amber reached out to the school again, the stars aligned and she was accepted. 

 Amber fell in love with massage due to a love of helping others and a love of knowledge. There are so many different modalities for massage that the knowledge available is endless. It’s also knowing that everybody is different and no two massages, even for the same person, will never be the same. 

When not at work, Amber spends her time with her kids and friends. She enjoys cooking, coloring, doing puzzles and kayaking. She graduated from a technical high school where she studied architectural drafting. She also has 3 cats named Po, Ping and Tigress after the characters in the Kung Fu Panda Movie.