Meet Kerensa Ransom



Kerensa has been a successful business professional in large corporations for many years, focusing most recently on Human Resources. She completed her Bachelor and MBA degrees in order to gain a deeper understanding of business in order to improve herself and her work. However, the desire to be of service in deeper and more gratifying ways slowly unfolded and she found that she was not able to fully share her gifts in the business setting. As a seeker, she has filled her own toolbox with a wide variety of modalities and techniques to support her own healing and growth. One of the most important and life-changing tools she found was EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is basically a form of acupuncture without the needles! EFT uses tapping points to clear emotional issues and blockages and allows us to “tune in” to a specific issue, focus our attention on it, tap on points in the meridian system and release the energy around the issue. EFT can be a powerful catalyst for healing and can often work when other techniques don’t work. Kerensa is excited to join you in your healing journey with EFT at Skin to Soul!