Meet Mariel C, Professional Level LMT



Mariel Graduated from Spirit Wellness Institute in 2022. Her style uses a deeper pressure, but by paying close attention to the way the body on the table and how it reacts to her touch, also has a therapeutic feel. By maintaining pressure without pain, she helps her clients with all sorts of issues. She specializes in working with any sort of athletics, from professionals to people who just like to go on hikes with their dog. She is intrigued by the puzzles our bodies give us, and finding different ways to improve people’s relationship with their body.

Before massage she has been a paralegal for years. The pandemic made her think differently about how most of us spend our days. It occurred to Mariel that quality human contact was something that we undervalue as a society. The mental and emotional toll of endless zoom meetings and isolation exacerbated a problem that already existed in modern life, and she wanted to be a part of the alternative.

At the same time as she was realizing the need for touch in the community, she was also coming to terms with her undiagnosed ADHD. As much trouble as she had staying on-task while sitting at her desk, she felt could stay focused and motivated while “in her body” (like on the rugby pitch or in the gym). It felt like a sort of magic to be able to access that in herself, as well as being able to make so much impact for the person on her table.

Outside of work, you can find Mariel playing rugby, powerlifting, or spending time with her two cats, Baloo and Bagheera.

Blue Level for Massage and Myofascial